Friday, March 6, 2009

The Unveiling and GoodNew/Bad News

Yesterday was the Big Reveal of the now Nailless Big Toe. My toe had more gauze on it than The Mummy! I removed the specially made baby sock and began unraveling the gauze after I had cut into it with scissors, couldn't find the beginning of the roll. When I got down to the pad on my toe, I had to soak it off in the shower. It was stuck on there pretty good. I managed to get the last tiny bit off without making it bleed. Had to pat it dry and then put on the wound gel. The instructions say some stinging will occur. Big understatement!! Then I rebandaged it all by myself. That is one very tender place and will be for some time!!!

Today I was able to slide it under the strap on my new flip flops. Not much protection but I don't think I can get my Crocs on. Will put socks on tomorrow and try the Crocs again. No way for a tennis shoe to go on at this point in time. Will be sandals for quite awhile, which is what I usually wear anyway. Just want to protect that tender toe!!!

Libby called me this A.M. to say she would be going back home Saturday morning, a week earlier than planned. I hate to see her go as we have had such great times together but she is so very homesick! She has been here almost 7 weeks and that is a very long time to be away. Besides her dogs miss her so much and her DH!! She has been pretty much stuck inside the last 3 weeks and that is not FUN! I have sure enjoyed her company while she was here. But alas, she will return in June for Stephanie's wedding and will not be wearing that dang brace!!

I am going to the Blooming Arts Festival in Bartow this weekend. there will be beautiful artwork, crafts, food and old cars and OLD men!! HA HA!! Our favorite Chinese restaurant, The Great Wall, will be open for lunch. They have a delicious buffet just waiting for everyone to dive into.
I wish everyone a wonderful weekend!! We all deserve it!


Chele said...

Glad to hear your toes is well enough to attend the craft show. Should be an absolutely beautiful weekend for it.

Libby is probably going through severe blogging withdrawls as well as being homesick. lol!

Tatersmama said...

All I can say is OUCH! Been there, done that and I know that it hurts...{{{poor baby}}}.
At least things are on the mend though.
I practically lived in my crocs after mine started to heal 'cause there's just enough "lift" in the toe area to keep it comfy.

Take care of yourself, and no playing football for a while, okay?

Raggedy Girl said...

I am so glad you are doing well. I takes some time to recover but it gets better everyday.

Have A Fun Filled Friday
from Roberta Anne

Robynn's Ravings said...

Glad you're doin' good girlie and you are taking good care of yourself. Have a fun weekend and tell Lib we sure miss her!! I know you will, too!

Neas Nuttiness said...

Oh - I'm glad to be back home, but I already miss you and Steph and the kids, and Susan and Bob and Joan, and Stephanie (H) and Tammy and Twinkle and Veronica (cropping buddies) and our crazy trips to GoodWill and Olive Garden and WallyWorld!

I had to leave Doofus and Dorcas and Cudzu at Steph's, but Simon and Mindi promised to send them soon. I hope that they will all be safe, cause I'm a little worried, as my daughter in law thinks that they are all creepy;)

I'll call you later - I'm lonely, but at least I've got my hubby at night, my dogs all the time, my own bed - and YEAH a shower!!!