Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spring Obsession

Today was another gorgeous spring day in Florida, a little too hot for me though. I invited my aunt to meet us at Munn Park for Spring Obsession this morning. We saw beautiful and unusual plants, all kinds of neat stuff to put out in the yard, really pretty copper water sprinklers in various shapes that sprayed neat patterns, wind chimes, birdhouses, rain barrels to catch rain in (if we ever get any), small boulders and stones, all kinds of orchids and cactus, and so much more. I missed the hibiscus people, guess they didn't come this time. Then we ate lunch at The Silver Ring. We ate 1/2 cuban sandwich and small cup of Spanish Bean Soup. The original shop is in Ybor City in Tampa, the real deal when it comes to all things Cuban. My aunt had bought a very neat hanging heart shaped ornament for her daughter so she could hang it in a tree. We left the restaurant and then realized she had set the bag down on the counter when she paid for our food. Meagan went back over to get it and they said they didn't have it. I think someone stole it, and that made me really mad. My aunt just said nevermind and we went to our cars in the parking garage. Meagan and I decided to walk back across the street and see what the curb market had to offer. I wanted some nice tomatoes and small cucumbers. They were all gone, but I bought us some handmade soap. I got Orange Clove, Meagan got Lime Margarita. I got soap for the dogs too, I also got a body scrub of Orange Clove that smells good enough to eat. A man was selling pepper jelly so I got a jar of cranberry pepper to put on turkey sandwiches or crackers and cream cheese. So very yummy!!

Next we went to Lowe's to look at more plants. I am looking for something to go in these 2 HUGE urns that I had my uncle move for me yesterday. Not sure what I will get because it gets full sun where they are. I bought a small asparagus fern and some marigolds to go in little planters off my back patio. I put the stuff in the car and put my purse on the trunk of the car and went to return the buggy, being the good person I am. I came back to the car and off we went. Someone was honking the horn and I thought what the heck. Guess who left her purse on the trunk off the car. I am glad someone was paying attention!!!

Then we went back to Munn Park and I bought Meagan a very nice pink stone anklet. I bought for myself 2 big rocks to go near the huge oak tree in the front. They are resting by the birds of paradise. Those small boulders were HEAVY, one about 50+ lbs and the other probably 75 lbs. The man loaded them in the trunk but we had to get them out. We put a beach towel on the ground and carried them that way. We won't be moving them anytime soon!! AND we were very careful not to drop anything on my toe!!

Then we went to a used bike store to look at used bikes but all he had seemed to have was brand new prices, so we left. On to the Salvation store we went to see what they had as far as bikes go. Nothing we wanted but did find Meagan a really nice artist's easel for $39. Put it in the backseat of her little car and off we went. We are now home for the moment but will go get my LOTTO ticket a little later!! WE really did have a lovely day after all!!!!! Wish you could of been here with us!!

I may have to turn on the AC!!

P.S. I forgot we also went to Walmart in all this today. I bought a giant bubble wand complete with bubble mix. I was just out in the backyard with dogs. I made like a million bubbles and the dogs chased them all over, biting and popping them. Who had more fun??? Me or the dogs???


Tatersmama said...

It sounds like you had a pretty good day ( except for some low-life stealing the bag) and I'm so glad that you had a relaxing time!
The Cuban sandwich sounds divine... but maybe that's because I'm stuck eating smooshy stuff for the next 4 days!
Have you taken any photos of your "loot"? I would love to see it! ;-)

Raggedy Girl said...

It sounds like you and your aunt had a really wonderful day in spite of the loss of the ornament.

from a Raggedy Roberta Anne

Robynn's Ravings said...

Becky you have the free spirit and fun heart of a child. LOVE IT!!

Nancy and the fatties said...

Gosh Becky, I wonder how many miles you walked that day? *I ask this as I sit in my office chair feeling my bottom expanding as I type...* I'm sorry to hear about the bag disappearing, how disappointing!

Neabear said...

What a bummer losing the bag! And good thing you didn't lose your purse. That was close. I too would like to see pictures of your loot. It is rainy here today. Good thing, we still need more rain around here.