Monday, March 16, 2009

Katie, I feel your PAIN!

Let me tell you about my Monday now that it is almost over. Last night one of the dogs stepped on my poor sore big toe and scratched just outside the wounded area. This morning, Cozmo the dog, nailed it again as he was going out the door. Ouch!!

845am....I'm off to see the nurse just for a 2 week followup on said poor toe. The nurse said that doesn't look good, better have the doctor look at it. I told her about the dogs stepping on the toe. He comes and looks at poor toe and says it looks infected. I thought this last week as it was inflamed at the bottom but just kept mouth shut. Today he gave me an Rx for an antibiotic and will go back next week. I came home and laid down til my next appointment today at 230pm.

215pm....Now I'm headed to my yearly diagnostic mammogram. No, I didn't wear any powder or deodorant to smudge the mammo! The tech asked me if I have any scars so she can put the special tape over them, the nipples and my mole. I was so busy showing her scars on the right side I forgot I had a C shaped scar on the left too. Oh, well it didn't get covered, hope it didn't matter! I got mashed flatter than a pancake, the right side is much more painful due to the surgeries the poor thing has endured over the years. Scar tissue I suppose doesn't like being stretched to the point of no return. the tech is thru and tells me to wait in the small waiting room while the radiologist checks the films.

She calls me back for more films, he saw something in the left breast and wants to see more of it. At this point I start to feel tears well up. I asked where it was located and she said on the outer edge of the breast, possibly calcifications she says. I know you aren't suppose to ask the techs questions but I had to know what she was looking for. She gets him the shots he wanted and he wants more, only this time magnified. She told me just to sit right there in the exam room and she would take him the next set of films. The tears start to trickle and I pray silently for a moment to my sweet precious Lord. She comes back in and told me it was a lymph node and all was okay. I asked was she sure and she said that the doctor said I was good for another year. Thank you God!!! I told her thank you and left.

4pm.... I took Meagan to eat an early dinner at Fred's Southern Kitchen. Her boyfriend, John, met us there. I was hoping to get there for the 4pm prices but we didn't make it. It is buffet style cooking with all things YUMMY FOR THE TUMMY!! Just ask Libby. They had fried catfish, real mashed taters, pole beans, squash, fried okra, fried chicken, pot roast, beef tips w/gravy, baked fish, blackeyed peas, cabbage, rutabagas(really good), all kinds of salads, fluffy yeast rolls, biscuits and pecan pie and strawberry shortcake. I'm sure I left out something. And would you believe I know have a terrible toothache because of a piece of bubblegum I picked up on the way out. It hit a bad tooth or where I used to have a tooth and is killing me at the moment, it has been over 3 hours, I even took 2 extra strength Tylenol. It is what remains of a root canal I never had fixed properly. I need to have that fixed but it will have to be when I get dental insurance. So Katie, I am suffering right along with you!! I feel your pain!! Now I am going to look for a real painkiller, no, not a bottle of whiskey, just a Tylenol #3 with codeine, at least I will sleep for awhile!


Raggedy Girl said...

You poor baby, you have had quite a day. You need to snuggle in bed and take care of yourself.

Roberta Anne

Neabear said...

Ow! Not a fun day. I am glad the mammogram came out okay. That is scary for sure. That would have been interesting to be neighbors if you won the house. Or rather across the town neighbors. I would be at your house all the time, since it is much nicer than my mobile home. Sigh....

Robynn's Ravings said...

Sorry for your scary fright!!! But oh-so-glad it was all okay. Good for them for being EXTRA careful. And take care of that toe and don't mess around. Can you soak it in an Epsom salt bath or can it not get wet? I find that's been helpful for foot injuries in the past. Salt is amazing.

Neas Nuttiness said...

Sorry about your tooth and your toe, but I'm so glad that your mamo turned out okay!!!

All the food sounded sooooooooo good. I'm really getting tired of only eating what I can put in a Zip-lock sandwich bag! I did make tomato soup and grilled cheese sammies for dinner tonight. Had to switch burners half way though, cause I managed to dump butter all over one of the burners. Only burned 1 sandwich. Joey mixed up a batch of brownies and Steve put them in the oven when he came home from work, and cleaned up the mess.

Geesh - I'm tired of being pathetic!

Love You

Chele said...

Yikes! Not a good way to start the week. I hope the rest of your week is better.