Sunday, March 29, 2009

It's Raining in Lakeland!

The forecast was rain today for most of the day. Yahoo!!! It is actually wetting the ground and the plants and everything else!!! You can almost hear the plants yelling out for more! It is a good day to catch up on sleeping or reading, I'm behind on both. It's dark and thunder booms once in awhile. I can take the thunder but not lightning. Two of my dogs go berserk ove the crackling of lightning. Blitz, my big boy boxer, has turned his crate upside down several times before and manages to get out. Loud booming noises freak him out. I finally got him meds to calm his fears, now he sleeps thru it.

Today would be a good soup day, I should have bought ingredients when I was at Publix last night. Instead I bought dog food, chicken livers, beef liver and pizza. The liver is for my tiny chihuahua. I'm trying to coax her to eat something, anything. Extremely picky eater! She weighs about 2+3/4 lbs on a good day but has lost weight recently which she can't afford to lose weight. She is having some type of seizure more frequently. I'm taking her to the vet tomorrow to see what he has to say. If he thinks she is suffering and no room for improvement, I will put her down most likely. She will be 9 in June. She is a teacup and they usually don't make it past 3, so I'm very blessed to have had her this long. I hope he can help her with medication. She ate a tiny bit of cooked liver last night but not interested this morning. Will try again a little later.

I passed the civil service test with an 84, I took it on March 10th. I took another test this past Thursday the 26th. Will be a week or so before I get the results. These are required for jobs at the City of Lakeland.

The podiatrist's nurse discharged me this past Tuesday. The toe is good to go as far as she is concerned. Will be about 6 weeks to look halfway normal. Then I can polish the skin. I'm thinking about a Lee Press On nail for it. Do you think that would hurt?? It's not like I would be using Super Glue!! I'm going to sleep on it for now. Happy Siesta!!

Besides that, there is an infomercial on the TV about internal cleansing and I don't want to hear that at lunchtime!! TATA for now!!!


Jientje said...

I hope the vet can help your dog.
I feel for you in this.
Having to put it down is the saddest, but the best thing to do if there's no more hope. We all know the day come when we have to say goodbye to our faithful friends, but still.

Mountain Woman said...

I hope your dog is going to be okay. Poor baby. It's so hard when our dogs get old.
I don't know about the Lee Press On Nails. It might just work.

Neabear said...

Yay for rain!! We need to get more rain too. Don't know if we will, not in the forecast at the moment. But it is a beautiful day. Wow, you are blessed to have you little pet for as long as you have. Good luck at the vet tomorrow. I know it will be hard. I remember when we had to put our Shelti down.

Raggedy Girl said...

I am so sorry about your puppy. I hope the vet visit goes well.

Roberta Anne

Robynn's Ravings said...

Becky!!! Congrats on the TEST! Yay for YOU! Let us know how this goes.

I'm envying your storm today - would love it here in sunny, breezy California. But I gotta say, it is LOVELY here today with temps in the low 70's and enough breeze to rustle the trees and make them sound beautiful. (I LOVE lightening though - probably because I DON'T live in Florida! lol - heard it's pretty intense there.)

Enjoy your snuggling in day. :)

Neas Nuttiness said...

Oh Becky - I wish I could be there with you, when you go to the vets. Please let me know what happens.

Crap - I'm getting off the computer right now, and calling ya!

Chele said...

We got the rain too. Rick and the kids said they lost power as well. As I drove home yesterday I saw many areas of standing water where the rain hadn't sunk in yet. We needed it so bad and I hope we get some more soon.

Tatersmama said...

Awwww Honey! I hope your little one is okay, but if she isn't, just remember that you're had a good long time with her. Think of all the joy she's brought you. :-)

Oooohhh... is the skin up to having a press-on nail applied? If it doesn't hurt and it isn't raw, I don't see why it wouldn't work. It might even look cute!

Rain... what's that? We're still at stage 4 drought restrictions here and if don't get some rain shortly, we're gonna be hurtin' frogs here. :-(