Sunday, July 11, 2010

Happy 20th, Meagan!!!! Love, Mama

It was 20 years ago on July 11th, 1990 at 1134am on a Tuesday that I gave birth by C-section to a beautiful baby girl. My Mama wanted to go with me into the delivery/surgery room so bad but they would only let my husband be in there with me. It just about broke my Mama's heart and mine too that she couldn't be with me. If I had known that in a couple of years that I would be divorced, I would have preferred her in there with me. The next thing I knew they gave me a great big baby to hold. If I had gone to my due date she would have been well over 10 POUNDS as it was she was only 9 lbs 8 ozs. Glad I didn't have to push her out! My OB/GYN said it wasn't even an option. My hips weren't wide enough for natural delivery. Could have fooled me!
It was love at first sight for both of us and always will be! She looked up at me and I could see her love for me even when she was fresh out of the womb. My Mama told me that also. Meagan was my miracle baby as I had 2 miscarriages years before.
Today we celebrated her 20th birthday at Chili's with a big table full of friends, hers and mine. We had a great time and LOTS of laughs!!!
Happy Birthday, Meagan Michelle!! Mama loves you very much!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Blitz and the Rainbow Bridge

Today Blitz, my gorgeous boxer, crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge. We held him in our arms, gave him many gentle kisses, so many hugs goodbye. His bark is now silent although I hear it in my head. There will be no more like you. Gallant, noble, protective, loyal, loving. True to your breed. My forever faithful four legged furbaby! I can't say enough wonderful things about him. He can chase possums and squirrels til his heart is content. Eat all the cookies he wants. Chas all the bubbles that I can blow for you! OH how he loved to d chase those bubbles and pop them in the aire! Be free! Run free, Blitz! Nothing to hold you back. I love you forever and will miss you always!!
Love, Mama
I want to thank Meagan for posting these pics of Blitz for me. And for being here for me and him when he and I needed you the most. I love you, Meagan!