Monday, December 8, 2008

Just rambling on....

I found a great way to build up your pectoral muscles. If you do it long enough I have no doubt your boobs would benefit, too. And your arms, great upper body workout. Of course you would have do the whole neighborhood and then some. In the midst of my cleaning I finally found the loppers I have been needing for so long. So many things in the yard needed to be trimmed back. I thought the last yard man I had used must have taken them. So off to the back yard I go to play Paul Bunyan. I cut back so much stuff you can actually see the fence and the sun comes through the trees where some little oaks and small chinaberry trees had grown up. And the dogs all helped. Meagan took pics of the dogs as they ran all aound the yard. This was Saturday late in the afternoon.

When I got up Sunday my chest area was so SORE. I had taken Motrin the night before hoping to ward off the soreness. I am so out of shape. I need to get back to the gym. Will try to when I get a job. Actually I could walk the block twice, one with Blitz the boxer and another trip with Cozmo the schnorkie. Cozmo doesn't like his harness but I feel safer with that than a collar. Blitz does really well on a walk. He won't even lift his leg on a tree, just waits til we get back home. Good boy, Blitz!! Fuji is too fat, Elvis is too old, Sassy is way too tiny and Diesel has bad knees. Fuji doesn't even have a waistline anymore, just like me!! I have cut back on her food but she doesn't seem to lose any weight, maybe it is an age thing since she is 10 now. Good old pug! Gosh, I really love my little four footed friends and really hate that we are all growing older by the minute. I have no idea how old Elvis is, wish he could tell me. He is losing his hearing and sleeps a very deep sleep. I check him often to make sure he is still breathing. I really love my dogs, cats too. Cats are so independent though. Meagan's cat, Taz, is 12 now. She was just 6 when we adopted him from the SPCA. Then there is Elmo, Bijou, Tiger Lily, Jack and let's not forget Sasha, she lives at the neighbor's behind us. She still comes around to eat once in a while. Okay, enough about the animals on S Wilson Avenue.

I need to go wash the dishes since my dishwasher is on the fritz. I don't mind dishes but hate the silverware and glasses. Thanks for letting me ramble on! Love to you all!!

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Neas Nuttiness said...

Becky - I really miss you! You are one of the few people I know, who is as crazy for their pets as I am!!!
Keep up the good work around your house...I'm proud of you.