Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I'm Back

Sorry, I haven't contributed to the blogging world in quite awhile. The cold weather we are experiencing in sunny Florida has inspired me to try to write. I am dragging out the Christmas stuff, haven't found the Christmas flag for outdoors yet. Wonder why?? I have so much stuff everywhere. I need to get more organized and have a gigantic yard sale but I just can't seem to get rid of my PRECIOUS stuff. Meagan won't want it after I leave this earth one day, not anytime soon I pray as I have a lot of living to do!! Who would take care of my dogs and cats and 1 little betta fish? NOT Meagan.

This blog gives me good typing experience. Can you develop dyslexia late in life or did they change the keyboard since I took typing in high school. I won the spelling bee in 6th grade and went on to the bee at the junior high. You would think I could remember the word I missed but Nope, I have no idea. I can't stand to see a misspelled word, drives me crazy. I was always a very good speller, now I wonder, so I check and recheck anything I write.

Yesterday I found another pug lover's blog. Her name is Lori and she is at
Not long ago, she lost her precious pug, Puglesy, aka the Sausage. He was 14 and her lifelong 4 footed best friend. I look at Fuji, who just turned 10 and hope that she will be with me for many more years. All my dogs are getting on in age. Diesel, the Pom, is the baby of the bunch. He will be 1 on Dec 17th. The good Lord is the only one who knows how old Elvis is! He is sleeping more and more in a very deep sleep. Sometimes when I call him and he doesn't stir, it scares me. I have to wake him up. I think he is getting deaf too. Doesn't bark as much or maybe his barker is just worn out! poms are very hard to housebreak. No matter how many times I let him out, about 20 times a day at least, he still manages to leave me something somewhere. Tread lightly or you might find a surprise on the bottom of your shoe or worse, your bare foot.

Enough for now, back to the tasks at hand ! Christmas is just around the corner.

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Neas Nuttiness said...

Good for you - blogging is good for you. Free therapy. Now, you can write more often. I usually check at least once a day to see if you've posted. Tell Megan that I said Hello! She left a very sweet comment for me. Let her know that Sonnie is in Thorton Colorado. I can get her email address, if she doesn't have it!