Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Angels called him Home

My dear, dear friend Libby

I gladly gave up ER to talk to you, you should know that. I needed a pick me up that night. My uncle passed away Saturday afternoon, not long after I left their home. My sister was with him when he drew his last breath. His daughter had just walked out of the room. It has been just like losing my Dad all over again. He looked so much like my Dad laying there. I never thought that before, they looked so different to me when they were side by side. My Dad passed away at 88, so did Uncle John and both in December, 4 years and 10 days apart. My sister went to the hospital on Thursday night. She said she felt our father's presence in the room. He was there waiting for his brother to come home to Heaven. Today was the memorial service and that was hard. Kathy, my sister, spoke about how much Uncle John affected our lives. I was crying and no tissues to be found anywhere. This very nice young woman sitting next me did her best to console me. After my sister finished speaking, the young woman asked if Kathy was my daughter??? I think it is high time I highlight my hair again and get rid of the gray!! I am 57 and Kathy is 51, does that tell you anything about my hair. Usually everyone thinks I am the younger one.

My car had to be towed back to the shop Sunday night. I took Elvis with me to the credit union. Yes, on a early Sunday evening. As I was leaving the ATM, the lights seemed to be dim. Then the speedometer dropped to 0. I pulled into the parking lot at Fred's. Called my brother and roadside assistance. I was afraid I wouldn't make it home safely. My brother brought Elvis and me home.The towtruck took the car. Monday the mechanic told me a wire was corroded due to the oil leak. The alternator wasn't working due to this so the battery wasn't charging. I get the car back on Wednesday if the part comes in.

Had to turn on the AC today. 80 outside at least and very muggy, inside the house too. Tomorrow is another day. Love to all of you out there in blog land...


Neas Nuttiness said...

Becky - I am so sorry about your uncle. That's one of the "downers" about growing old. We start losing the people that we love.

Year before last, I took my boss (who is like 7 or 8 years younger than me) to the plastic surgeons office. When they were taking her to be prepped for surgery, the receptionist asked her if she wanted her mother (meaning ME) to come back with her!!! I was mortified!!! After we got into pre-op, my boss (who is also a dear friend) said "don't worry about it, that woman has had so many face lifts, that it's caused pressure on her brain."...
...I was feeling better until the doctor came in...always one to take advantage of a situation, I asked him about the possibility of having my lower face "done". He grabs my face in his hands and pulls the skin back and then says "oh no, you need it ALL done!"
Shot down twice in one morning:(

Becky - I love you - I wish that I could be there to mourn with you, and then take you to Reesecliff for some pie. XOXOXOX

Punchbugpug said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Sorry to hear about your uncle..and your dad too. Lucky they lived to "ripe old ages", although I have to say, the older I get the younger those years sound to me!