Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Stranger in the night

That funny Robynn's Ravings was telling her story about gophers. It was so funny. I can see it all now. Tonight I had a similar experience. I went out the front door to call the cats so they would come eat. I feed them on the front porch. It was so very cold out. Some of the cats showed up and Tiger Lily hadn't shown up yet. Then I spied a little kitten or so I thought across the street. Tiger Lily was further behind it. I started calling here kitty,kitty,kitty. Lily started coming towards me but the little kitten just sat there. It was pretty small. I crossed the street to go get it. To my surprise it was a little rabbit, black and white. It just sat there as I approached. Then it took off hopping down the sidewalk. Now mind you it is very cold out!!! I chased after that little baby up and down the street, thru several yards and back again. Meanwhile 2 cats, one is mine, have spotted me and became curious. They thought this looks like fun, let's help chase the bunny. I figured the bunny would be dinner for one of them. I came back inside and told Meagan about the little bunny. I wanted her to help me catch it before the cats did. She then told me the bunny belonged to the dopeheads across the street. They let it run loose all the time. I just wanted to protect the bunny but decided I couldn't catch it. About 30 minutes ago I went back out the front door to check out the situation . The bunny was still out there across the street. I tried once more but we just went around in cirlces. I said the heck with you and came in out of the deep freeze. I wished him well and will look in the am. I might try one more time as I don't want anything to happen to him. Like I really need another animal to take care of!


Robynn's Ravings said...

We must have RADAR for needy things, Becky!! Even if they don't KNOW they're needy.......! At least you didn't discover you were trying to save a gopher.

And thanks for the kind words in your blog! :)


Neabear said...

Maybe if you put on some bunny ears and hopped like a bunny, he will come to you. Heehee. I can just see you doing that. What are the neighbors thinking of this crazy lady running around after the bunny?

Neas Nuttiness said...

Linnea - Don't give Becky ideas like this..SHE WILL DO IT! The woman is crazier than I am.

Raggedy Girl said...

I am sorry that they don't take care of their bunnie and glad you are a good mommie to your pets.
Roberta Ann