Saturday, February 7, 2009

Scary afternoon

No bunny sighting last night. Hope he is safe!

It was cold in the house so I opened the back door and propped it open to let the warm air in. Yes it was warmer out than in! The little dogs could go out if they wanted. Sassy, the 2- 3/4 lb (on a good day) chihuahua, was wandering the florida room eating a bite out of everyone's bowl. Fuji is still not eating and doesn't seem to feel any better. Meanwhile I wanted to make chili for tonight. I was in the kitchen putting it together. I decided to check on the wee little one. She was nowhere to be found. I called her over and over. No Sassy. I thought surely she didn't go outside. I looked all around the backyard. No Sassy. My heart was sinking cause I thought I will never find that tiny little girl in this big yard. I went out the side gate and out to the front of the house. I spied this little thing in the hedge, black with a green sweater on. She had slipped thru the gate on the other side of the house and would have been a goner if I hadn't seen her. That was a major undertaking for her since she is so tiny. She had to step down to get out the door, down 2 big steps onto the slab then down another big step to get into the yard, then walk all around the side of the house thru the side yard and thru the side of the gate. The gate is always closed but she can fit thru where it attaches to the fence post.

She did this several months ago only I had left her outside for just a few minutes with the other dogs. When I went back out she was gone! I called my friend June at work and she came to help look. We went around the block looking high and low for her. A woman way around the corner from me called to her and asked what she was looking for. June answered a tiny dog. The woman had found her and took her inside her house and I think she fully intended to keep her. She found Sassy in the street out and took her home. I don't know if she was in front of my house or further down the street. June said I don't think she wanted to give her up. You can't imagine how tiny she is in this great big world. She has no clue as to what is out there that could get her. It was all my fault. I just never thought she would wander off. I vow not to let this happen again.


Neas Nuttiness said...

Poor Sassy...Poor Percy...the world is a cruel hard place sometimes.
Have you put in your plea, for Percy's timely return? I want to flood the site with comments!!!!
Dang, those two were sneeky. I had no idea that they would do something like this. And to think that I was blaming his dissapearance on the boys friends;(

Robynn's Ravings said...

OMGosh Becky....I would have a HEART attack to have a dog that small. I worry about the big things I CAN see easily. Better batton down the hatches girl!

Maybe it was altruistic though. She may have been leaving to try and save Percy!

Neabear said...

Not so good that you were scared. I am glad Sassy is okay though. That is a relief. But I wonder along with Robynn if she was trying to rescue Percy.