Saturday, October 17, 2009

Feeling frisky!!

It may not quite look like this yet outside but does it ever feel great! No humidity!!! Yippee, yippee!! Hoping frost is just around the corner!
The dogs are so frisky tonight, running around the yard, having a good ole time!
It will be in the 50s tonight and I am sleeping with the windows open and the fan blowing on me too. Hot flashes ya know! Hope it hangs around for awhile, the weather not the hot flashes!
Today Meagan and I went to downtown Lakeland farmers market to buy tomatoes and cukes. I only bought tomatoes there. It was so crowded downtown due to a Classic Car Show complete with hot rods. The classics are parked around our beautiful Lake Mirror and the hot rods are parked on the streets around historic Munn Park. They blocked off the streets so parking was hard to find. Those were the days of muscle cars and rock n roll. Kids today don't have a clue as to what a good time is really is. The classic cars are the most beautiful, when cars were cars, Duesenbergs, Rolls Royces, Cadillacs, touring cars, model Ts, the list goes on. I was going to do the walk but wore the wrong shoes, it will be back next year and I will be looking forward to it again. I took my Father once or twice, he showed me cars they had growing up in the 20s and 30s. Since he has passed on I just don't enjoy it as much. I loved to hear him tell of his childhood in Maine.
Then we traveled north of town to a new fruit n vegetable stand. It was crowded, they had BBQ chicken and rib dinners for sale, picnic tables to eat on under the big oak trees. A big tractor was pulling a wagon giving rides to the kids. Meagan noticed some cute guys and wants to go out there every weekend now! Music was playing, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. They had some nice pumpkins, didn't buy one there though. I am looking for that perfect one for carving my Halloween jack o lantern.
I bought okra for frying or maybe okra and tomatoes, eggplant, little salad cucumbers, kiwi, baby new red potatoes/creamers, cajun boiled peanuts so spicy they plumped up our lips real nice like we had gotten injections! I forgot to get an avocado. Do you like avocado?
Next Saturday is the Fall Festival uptown at Munn Park with beautiful plants and all kinds of stuff. The fall Parade of Homes kicked off today and goes thru next Sunday!! Just selected homes are on display and most of them will knock your socks off, so beautiful! We have done this for years and always look forward to this tour. Some homes are remodeled and they look just as great as the new ones. We have so much fun, hope the cool weather hangs around til next Sunday anyway!


Paula - PAPugMom said...

Ok, I had to giggle. Cold outside, fan on me and throwing off the blankets too. Being overly or underly hormonal, depending on how yo see it..........either which way is the pits.

I just love pug zoomies!

Neas Nuttiness said...

The high here yesterday was around 60. It was in the 40's last night.
The high this week is supposed to be 79 on Thursday. Clear and dry yesterday. No rain predicted until Wed. George and Gracie are frisky too...along with Steve - LOL!

I forgot to move my playlist down. Come back and try now:-)

Sandra y Coco said...

I LOVE AVOCADOES! and I really miss the fruit and veggies markets in Peru. I've passed by Lakeland a few times but never really stayed there. Sounds like there are a lot of things to do that I like!

Tweedles -- that's me... said...

Hi Becky
Your weekend sounded terrific!
You mentioned okra. We love it.
My mama came from Georgia. They had a lot of it. We tried to grow some this year- we got like 5!
We fried them! I laughed when you talked about the peanuts! Puffy lips tee hee hee. Do you ever boil them?
All the goodies you bought sounded like YUM!


Mountain Woman of Red Pine Mountain said...

What a wonderful day. Our farmer's markets are closed for the season.
I took one look at your photo for this post and thought you had snow. I'm glad it's getting cooler and the humidity is lowering.