Saturday, May 30, 2009

Help??? Dog Dilemma

Last Saturday night my very good friend Cindy and I were talking on the phone. She sounded very sleepy, words slurred. She told me she had taken a sleeping pill cause she was very tired. She told me she had been drooling all day out of the left side of her mouth. I should have told her to call 911 that very minute but I didn't even though I was very concerned. I just attributed her symptoms to being so very tired.

On Sunday I called her at work. She works the info desk at the Winter Haven Hospital. The lady who answered told me Cindy was in the ER. I said no, she works the desk. She said no, she is in the ER. After 4 phone calls, I found out they were taking her to a room. When I finally talked with her, she said she had had a mini stroke. When she got to work Sunday at 11am, no one could make sense out of what she was saying, all garbled and gobbledy gook. She told them she was going to go home, they made her go to the ER. Thank God!! She had another stroke sometime during Monday night. This was all caused by the fact she has diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. She had been a ticking timebomb the neurologist told her after CAT scans and MRIs.

Meagan and I went to see her today. 2 weeks ago Cindy and I were at our GTE reunion luncheon. We were laughing and having such a good time. Today was a whole different story. Her stroke was on the right side of her brain so it has affected her whole left side. She is in the rehab unit now getting therapy several times a day. The doctor told her he thought she would be back 100% but it will take time. She wants it to happen now and I reminded her it will take time. She has suffered major trauma to her brain and body. When she is discharged from the hospital she will go her sister's to stay for the time being. I really don't know if she will be able to go home to live by herself. She told me she wants me to take care of her when she gets to her house.

This is the dilemma. She has 5 little dogs at home. Her family is helping take care of them now. She has 2 Schnauzers, a Chinese Crested powder puff, a Pug and her son, a Schnug. She told me today she will have to give up her dogs. She will be at her sister's for some time, the sister has 4 dogs of her own. Today she asked me if I wouid take Gidget the Pug. I had to hold back the tears and she had tears in her eyes, too. Cindy loves her dogs so very much and she hates being away from them. Her Gidget is a jealous little pug and so is my Fuji the pug. Both are bossy. Will they all get along??

I told Meagan tonight we would take Gidget on a temporary basis till Cindy can take care of her once again. As for the other dogs, her niece has Lucy the powder puff, her brother may take one of the schnauzers but that still leaves 2. I hate to see them split apart, they have been together for years ! I have 6 of my own, I need to find someone to take the others. Libby where are you when I need you!!


Neabear said...

Tell Cindy to keep working hard on her therapy. This is exactly what I do. Therapy in a skilled nursing facility. With stroke patients as well as other problems, like hip fractures, hip replacements and so on. I hope she gets better.

Tatersmama said...

Oh honey... how sad this is! I'll be saying prayers for Cindy and I'm hoping that she has a full recovery!

If I lived closer, you KNOW I would take some of those sweet babies on, but all I can do from here is pray.

Bless you for being such a loving friend!

(and Bless you too, for being so tolerant of my not commenting more. Hopefully, things with my server and blogger will settle down and I can spend more time doing what I love!)

Jientje said...

I can't help you with the dogs, but I'm sending good vibes to your friend. Hope she gets well soon!

Chele said...

Healing and fast recovery vibes for her. Hoping all the furbabies find good homes or temporary homes.