Monday, October 27, 2008

Fire in the hole

Week before last I had my brother trim some branches off an oak tree hanging over my fence and a chinaberry tree in my yard. He offered to haul the branches to the street but I said that I would. I did take some but not all. In the meantime we had a cold spell and I was wishing we had a firepit so we could sit out by the fire. GUESS where this is going!!! There was a bare spot in the back yard and I told myself that I could build a small fire and kill 2 birds with 1 stone, have a fire and I wouldn't have to take the rest to the street. I gathered a bunch of oak branches and stacked them up, not too high ya know. Meagan got some newspaper and we stuffed them into the branches and then presto, I lit the paper. Before long the flames were above our roof and Meagan said we might catch the neighbor's oak on fire. Have no fear, I had the hose nearby and brought it under control while wetting the ground all around the fire so it wouldn't spread. How exhilarating, I was a junior fireman/woman/person. Just forgot the marshmallows!! After a few minutes we heard sirens and Meagan thought we had been caught and did I mention there was a breeze a blowing, oh yeah! Turned out they didn't show up here, must have been an ambulance going down Bartow Rd. I did put it out all the way just in case a neighbor might have reported it. Later I went outside and asked Meagan and John, her boyfriend, if they had noticed the police driving by. They said yes but they weren't aware of any trouble. Then they laughted, just kidding she said. It is turning cool again but I won't be building any fires in the back yard or will I ? Stay tuned !

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Neas Nuttiness said...

Glad that you didn't set fire to your entire neighborhood! Next time remember the marshmallows.