Sunday, October 16, 2011

It's Fall somewhere!!

Hello girls!

I would love to be wherever this beautiful fall foliage is! Here it is Oct 16, 2011 Sunday. The A/C is still running. Muggy outside! I was meant to in live New England, I just know it. I feel it in my heart. After all, my Father was born in Maine. I was up there in New Hampshire this time last year. Beautiful weather, the leaves were gorgeous and crisp, cold air! So wish I was there at this very moment!

On a very sad note, Saturday, Sept 3rd, I lost my beloved little chihuahua, Sassy, to a horrible accident. She was mauled by one of my pugs. This pug is very food aggressive. I miss that little peanut everyday! She was 11 yrs old, very tiny, not quite 3 lbs and frail. She slept with me every night. I wanted to kill the pug, get rid of her, anything! Called her former owner but she can't take her back. Her sister won't allow it since she knows how the pug is. Doesn't want trouble with her dogs. The pug has been acting very strange since the incident. Food gorging like you wouldn't believe. She has never bothered the dog/cat food bags. Now she gets into them literally! I have to put them up high enough, 18 lb, on a shelf she can't reach. My daughter thinks she's feeling guilty! I was always very careful when it came to feeding time. It's partially my fault. Just horrible, can't forgive myself. I was Sassy's protector and I failed her.

I am now a 10 yr breast cancer survivor as of Oct 6th!!

I have been at my job 7 mths now. That is a great feeling! Meagan just applied for a job at Hobby Lobby. Hoping, praying she hears something very soon! Yes, Lakeland is getting a Hobby Lobby, grand opening in about 3 weeks. Yay! The store is huge! Can't wait to see all the neat stuff they have, just in time for Christmas!

Hope all is well with all of you! Happy Fall!!


Tatersmama said...

Aha! I see that blogger finally decided to cooperate with you! Yay, us!
I'm so sorry about sweet little Sassy.... But hun, you can't blame yourself. You may have known that the pug was food agressive, but you didn't know that this would happen! You're in my thoughts and prayers...and fingers crossed for Meagan! xoxo

Neabear said...

Sorry to hear about Sassy...that is sad. I hope that you are doing okay in dealing with it. It is not your fault.

How cool that you are getting a Hobby Lobby! I don't know if there are any in California. Not around me anyway. Praying that Meagan gets a job there too.

Take care my friend,


Tweedles -- that's me said...

Sweetest Becky
I know your heart is so broken because of what happened to Sassy.
It was a terrible accident, and that is all.
Its not your fault. You are always the first one to open up your home when a doggy needed a home. You are so giving and caring. When you took the puggy into your home, I know you thought you were doing the best thing and trying to help.
You had no idea what would happen.
Little Sassy is in the arms of the angels. She is being loved and cared for. You will be with her again someday.
I will pray that your heart heals.
And also,, the little pug must feel so bad too.
We are with you Becky... remember that , and we think it is wonderful that you are a 10 year cancer survivor.
My paws are around your neck.

Dana Orsborn said...

Daisy and I are so sorry about Sassy.
What a terrible accident. Sometimes we
can't explain why things happen the
way they do, but we hope you are
doing okay.

-Dana & Daisy

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Here I am,, giving you some kissys... can you feel them my sweet Becky.... your important to me and I hope you are healing
ps paws are around your neck

Libby's Library said...

Missing you. Wishing I could be there, to hold you tight. To share a laugh, and a sub. Strolling through Goodwill...and buying stuff that we don't really need. Just being with My Becky - My Friend!